Northwest Point Resort Northwest Point Turks and Caicos Oceanside is a resort at Turks and Caicos. With fully equipped condos at the Caribbean, get the true island feel. Front view of the hotel Star rating: ***** Room rates: $200 - $450
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affiliate program

I’m reaching out to your business because I’ve been sending guests of the Northwest Point Resort to you for the past few years.

The reason I’m reaching out is to ask if we could set up a win-win affiliate agreement.

You see, every time someone books through the Expedia or’s of the world, I have to pay a commission.  That means I’m sending money out of our local economy – never to be seen again – and that doesn’t make any sense.

I’d rather work with people like you, in our local community, so everybody wins.


To do that, I’d like to ask you to put a link, or this ad on the sidebar or footer of your business’ website.

When someone makes a reservation through this, my reservation system will be able to track exactly how much this was for… how many reservations you gave me… and at the end of every two months I’ll be able to pay you a commission.

On the average stay this could be $30 – $40, each.

So what do you say?  I’m already sending guests your way because I trust in your business.  Now, while guests are deciding what they’d like to do during their stay in Provo, they’ll also be able to find one of the most serene locations on the island, at the best rates available anywhere.  Everybody wins.

Please give me a call to set something up.


Lisa Franklin, marketing manager of the Northwest Point Resort.

(705) 446 – 9612.




P.S.  After you sign up for the Northwest Point Resort’s Affiliate program you’ll also be included in my email marketing campaign in our Fun loving guide to Provo.  See below.

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